Heritability, genetic variability correlation and non-hierarchial euclidean cluster analysis of different almond (Prunus dulcis) genotypes



Field trials were conducted during 2006–08 to study the genetic variability, heritability, correlation and cluster analysis of different almond [Prunus dulcis Miller (D.A.Webb)] genotypes. The study showed wide range of variation for various morphological, phenological and yield-contributing attributes. High co-efficient of variation was observed for tree height (27.15%), tree spread (45.61%) and yield/tree (43.85%) which indicate that a fair amount of variability exists for these traits. High heritability was recorded for kernel weight (93.08%), followed by kernel length (92.98%), tree spread (91.45%) and nut length (91.02%) shows that these characters can be improved upon by selection. Correlation studies significantly showed a positive correlation of yield with plant height, spread, nut length and kernel length. Thirteen almond genotypes under study were classified into 5 similar groups based on multivariate analysis of morphological traits. Maximum genotypes were placed in cluster IV and V and minimum in cluster I. Maximum intracluster distance was observed in cluster III and minimum in cluster I. Maximum inter-cluster distance was recorded between clusters II and V and minimum for II and IV.


Correlation; Genetic divergence; Heritability; Prunus dulcis; Variability

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