Genetic variability, correlation and path coefficient analysis for yield and its attributing traits in pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan) grown under rainfed conditions of Manipur



The present investigation was conducted during the kharif season of 2007, 2008 and 2009 to obtain the knowledge of nature and magnitude of genetic parameters and its utilization in development of superior varieties of pigeonpea [Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.]. The genetic parameters studied namely, genotypic and phenotypic variability, genotypic and phenotypic coefficient of variation, heritability (h2) and genetic advance. Besides, these parameters, correlation coefficient and path analysis were also studied for seed yield and its component traits in 21 diverse genotypes of short duration pigeonpea. The results indicated that the genotypes showed significant variability for all the traits studied. UPAS 120 yielded the highest seed yield/plant (39.21 g), followed by ICPL 88034 (35.66 g) and PA 134 (35.65 g). The high yield of UPAS 120 was attributed by high number of seeds/pod and pod length. Similarly, high yield of ICPL 88034 was contributed by primary branches/plant, pod length and 100-seed weight. The range of PCV was observed from 4.56 to18.59 % for the traits under study which provides a picture of the extent of phenotypic variability in the population. The PCV was noted moderate for the characters like seed yield/plant (18.59%), pods/plant (18.04%) and primary branches/plant (12.22%). Genotypic coefficient of variation ranged from 3.24% to 17.84%. Maximum GCV was observed for seed yield/plant (17.84%), followed by pods/plant (17.80%) and primary branches/plant (10.94%). Seed yield/plant was found to be significant positively associated with seeds/pod, pod length and plant height at genotypic level. The estimate of broad sense heritability was the highest for pods/plant (97%), followed by days to 50% flowering (94%), grain yield/plant (92%), days to maturity (90%), primary branches/plant (80%) and plant height (78%). The estimated genetic advance was recorded the moderate magnitude for pods/plant (36%) and grain yield/plant (35%). Seed yield/plant was found to be significant positively associated with seeds/pod, pod length and plant height at genotypic level. Seeds/pod exhibited the highest magnitude of direct effects on seed yield, followed by primary branches/plant and pod length. The component characters namely, pod length and seeds/pod showed positive and significant correlation (0.529 and 0.794) with seed yield/plant and also exhibited positive and strong direct effects (0.531 and 0.266) on seed yield/plant.


Correlation, Genetic variability, Heritability, Path analysis, Pigeonpea

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