Genetical study for quality traits in green sprouting broccoli(Brassica oleracea var italica)

Shakuntala Shakuntala, Pritam Kalia


An experiment was conducted during 1999-2000 to generate genetic information on quality traits in green sprouting broccoli (Brassica olerucea L. var italica Plenck). Significant differences for protein and ascorbic acid among 19 diverse genotypes revealed presence of sufficient variability for these traits, which was confirmed by broad range of variability. Little or no difference between genotypic coefficient of variation (gcv) and phenotypic coefficient of variation (pcv) in both the traits indicated that these were less influenced by environment. High heritability (99.20%) coupled with high genetic advance (78.11%) was observed for ascorbic acid, indicating role of additive gene action for its inheritance. However,protein content had moderate heritability (69.60%) and low genetic advance (8.98%). The genotypic correlation indicated strong inherent association among protein and ascorbic acid and ascorbic acid was positively associated with marketable yield/plant. The direct contribution of ascorbic acid was negative but its indirect contribution via protein was positive.


Brassica oleracea var italica; Broccoli; Genetic advance; Heritability; Interrelationship; Quality traits; Vegetable

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