Wheather post-insemination antibiotics and hormone therapy can modulate blood biochemical porifile in repeat breeding buffaloes



A study was cmTied out during breeding season on 60 repeat breeding buffaloes to evaluate the effect of 2 intrauterine antibiotic infusions (cephalexin 4 g and ceftriaxone 2 g, 24 h post-AI) and 3 ilm hormonal therapies (GnRH 10.5 lJg at Al and progesterone 500 mg and 250 mg on day 5 post-AI) in 10 animals each keeping 10 as control, together with the weekly profile of plasma glucose, protein and cholesterol over the treatment cycle, and its comparison with 16 normal cyclic buffaloes. The conception rates achieved within 3 cycles following these therapies were 80, 70, 90, 80, 60 and 40%, respectively, as against 88.12lJiJ in norn1al fertile group. The mean plasma glucose concentrations were significantly higher in all treatlnent groups as well as conceived and non-conceived groups of repeat breeding buffaloes during follicular phase as con1pared to luteal phase of the cycle, while in normal cyclic buffaloes no such trend was observed. The overall mean plasn1a glucose levels in repeat breeding buffaloes were significantly higher at most periods of cycle than the normal cyclic buffaloes \vith the pooled values of 56.35±0.48 vs 53.17±O.72 mg/dl. Plasma protein content varied significantly betvveen periods in repeat breeders, but no such variation was observed between conceived and non-concei ved groups. The lnean total protein concentration was significantly lower in repeat breeding than in normal cyclic buffaloes on day 14 and 2C including pooled value {9.62±O.74 vs JO.04±O.10 g/dl, while cholesterol profile was significantly la-wer throughout the cycle. The cholesterol levels varied significantly between groups from 90.66±4.84 n1g/dl to 117.12±4.17 mg/dl, but not between periods. Neither protein nor cholesterol concentrations varied significantly between non-hormonally and hormonally treated repeat breeders as well as conceived and non-conceived groups of normal fertile buffaloes on any day of the cycle.



Blood glucose; Buffaloes; Cholesterol; Plasma protein; Repeat breeding buffaloes; Therapeutic management

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