Macromineral status of crossbred cattle of Shiwalik hills in relation to soil and fodder

Rajiv Singh, S S Randhawa, A Kumar


Study was carried to correlate calcium, phosphorus and magnesium status of soil, fodder and crossbred cattle in sub- mountainous zone of Shiwalik hills involving Ropar, Hoshiarpur and Gurdaspur districts of Punjah. A total of 84 blood samples from crossbred cattle of different age groups along with 31 fodder (Sorghum spp., Pennisatum typhoides and Zea mays. L and Trifolium alexandrium L) and 20 soil samples were analyzed for calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.The average values of Ca, Pi and Mg in plasma samples of crossbred cattle were 2.22±0.03 mmol/1, 1.87±0.04 mmol/1 and 0.97±0.02 mmol/1 respectively. Based on plasma anaalysis sub-clinical hypocalcaemia and hypophosphatemia was observed in 23.17 and 17.86% animals. Significant (P60 0.05) fall in the level of Pi with age was observed in crossbred cattle. Trifolium alexandrium. L samples were having significantly (P60 0.05) higher level of Ca compared with non-leguminous fodders like Sorgrum spp., Perinisatum typhoides and Zea maya L. All the sampled fodders were adequate in Cn and Mg contents whereas, 36.84% of non-leguminous fodders were deficient in phosphorus. Based on the findings it was concluded that season has a marked effect on the mineral status or dairy animals as the mineral content of various fodders fed during different season varies. Thus, mineral supplementation should be season based in different agro-climatic zones.


Cattle; Fodder; Hypocalcaemia; Hypophosphataemia; Soil

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