Observations on selected biological aspects of the spadenose shark (Scoliodon laticaudus Müller & Henle, 1838), landed along Saurashtra coast

Mahendra D. Fofandi, Mangalsinh Zala, M. Koya


Spadenose shark, Scoliodon laticaudus (Family: Carcharhinide) locally known as “sandhi” is a common species inhabiting near shallow coastal waters along the Saurashtra coast. It is exploited by trawls and gillnets throughout the year in fair abundance. The dietary components of the species were studied and expressed as percentage of numerical composition (CN), percentage of gravimetric composition (CW) and percentage of frequency of occurrence (F). The major food item in the stomachs of the species was determined using an Index of relative importance (IRI). Food and feeding analyses confirmed the carnivorous feeding behavior of this species and the food mostly comprised fishes, shrimps and squids. There was no evidence of cannibalism. Overall sex ratio was 1.18 that showed the predominance of females over males. As there is limited information about the biological aspects of this species from Saurashtra coast, the results of the present investigation may play a vital role in the management of the resource as well as for the efficient exploitation of this species.

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