Vol 38, No 4 (2001)

Table of Contents


Development and Evaluation of a Breadfruit Seed Shelling Machine PDF
C U Orji, E U Odigboh, GOI Ezeike
Earthen Emitters - A New Concept for Micro-irrigation PDF
S C Rana, S C Naik, A P Sahu, S D Sharma
Farm Ponds in Coastal Saline Zone of West Bengal A Techno-economic Feasibility Study PDF
R Ravi Babu, Purnima Mishra
Fabrication and Study of the Performance Characteristics of a Semi-automated Cablegation Irrigation System PDF
V Jayasudha, D Chandrasekaran
Effect of Canal Irrigation on Water Table -A Case Study PDF
S K Vishwakarma, Y K Tiwari, V K Kale
Study on Salt and Water Balances at Segwa Drainage Pilot Area PDF
P K Shrivastava, B R Patel
Analysis of Weekly Rainfall for Crop Planning in Rainfed Region PDF
B Panigrahi, S N Panda
Weekly Sediment Yield Dynamic Model for Naula Watershed of Ramganga Reservoir PDF
S K Pyasi, J K Singh

Research Note

Influence of Packaging Materials and, Pre-treatments on Dry Matter Loss of Pigeonpea Grain PDF
A Singh, D K Gupta
A Laboratory Set-up for Testing Planters and Seed-drills PDF
Manasmani Dev Goswami