Mapping of Nutrients Status in Tatrakallu Village of Anantapuramu District of Andhra Pradesh using Geographic Information System

G. Sashikala, M.V.S. Naidu*, K.V. Ramana, K.V. Nagamadhuri, A. Pratap Kumar Reddy, P. Sudhakar and T. Giridhara Kr


The present investigation was carried out to assess and map the fertility status of chronically drought affected Tatrakallu village in Anantapuramu district of Andhra Pradesh using GIS and GPS. Two hundred fifty geo-referenced surface soil samples (0-15 cm) from Tatrakallu village located in Scarce Rainfall Zone of Andhra Pradesh were collected at 250 m grid interval and analyzed for their fertility parameters. Analytical data was interpreted and statistical parameters like range, mean, standard deviation and coefficient of variation were calculated. Soil fertility maps were prepared for each parameter under GIS environment using Arc GIS v 10.3. Soils were neutral to strongly alkaline (6.49-8.90) in reaction, non-saline (0.01-0.84 dS m-1) and low to medium (0.3-7.0 g kg-1) in organic carbon. The soils were low to medium in available nitrogen (13-266 kg ha-1) and low to high in available phosphorus (2.0-91.0 kg P2O5 ha-1) and available potassium (0.4-628 kg K2O ha-1) and deficient to sufficient in available sulphur (0.1-50.1 mg kg-1). The wide variation from deficient to sufficient was observed in the status of DTPA extractable zinc (0.1-5.6 mg kg-1), iron (0.8-30.7 mg kg-1) and manganese (1.4-39.0 mg kg-1), whereas DTPA extractable copper (0.2-2.7 mg kg-1) was almost sufficient. The fertility status in Tatakallu village revealed that available N, S, Zn and Fe are important soil fertility constraints.


Soil fertility status, GIS, Tatrakallu village, soil fertility constraints

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