Distribution of Cationic Micronutrients in Relation to Different Soil Properties and Fractions of Phosphorus in Coastal Soils of West Bengal

P. Naskar*, D.K. Das and Debashis Ghosh


This study aims to establish the relationships between cationic micronutrients and soil properties in 52 surface soils (0-15 cm) collected from coastal areas of West Bengal, India. The initial status of cationic micronutrients and their relationship with soil properties were also studied. The DTPA-extractable micronutrients namely, zinc (Zn), iron (Fe), manganese (Mn) and copper (Cu) ranged from 0.03-2.65, 5.59-68.4, 10.8-49.9 and 0.69-3.71 mg kg-1 with mean values of 0.65, 27.3, 33.7 and 1.71 mg kg-1, respectively. Different soil properties namely, pH, organic carbon (OC), electric conductivity (EC), cation exchange capacity (CEC), Olsen-P and different inorganic phosphorus (P) fractions were determined. Results showed a significant negative correlations between pH and Zn, Fe, Mn and Cu, whereas OC showed positive and significant correlations with Zn, Fe and Cu and non-significant positive correlations with Mn. The EC showed the non-significant negative correlations with Fe and Cu and non-significant positive correlation with Zn and Mn. Olsen-P showed the non-significant positive correlations with Zn, Fe and Cu and non-significant negative correlations with Mn. Results also revealed that CEC and EC enhanced the loosely bound-P explaining 47% of total variability. Loosely bound-P and reductant soluble-P showed the significant negative correlations with all the micronutrients. However, Al-P showed the significant positive correlations with Zn, Fe and Cu.


Cationic micronutrients, phosphorus fractions, soil properties, coastal soils

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