MAPAI uses CC-BY for its OAJMAP

AsĀ  Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA) says that to fully realise the potential of open access to research literature, barriers to reuse need to be removed. The Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Association of India (MAPAI) uses CC-BY license for its journal Open Access Journal of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (OAJMAP). The BOAI10 Expert Group on Open Access also recommends CC BY as the preferred license for open access publications. The Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA) recommend the CC-BY. See here to know why CC-BY and responses of Creative Commons to House of Lords comments concerning the CC BY license here. With the adoption of CC-BY license, we can invite all the players who wish to develop new knowledge tools and services which makes the research discovered and produce new knowledge.