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If Porn Is So Bad Why is It The Net's Billion Dollar Industry?

by Sheree Morales (2021-07-21)

There are many aspects of life that are absolute certainties apart from the standard 'death and taxes'. Each human child will cry. Every person will be able to see their blood. Everyone will feel physical pain. We all will experience sadness and heartbreak, shame and joy. The men will also scream. There are no ifs, buts, or maybe's regarding that fact. There is a growing trend of women who are more willing to share their feelings of self-satisfaction, while men have been doing it for a number of years. We all do it. It's something we all discuss. It's part of the'male' society, and for a range of reasons. It can be difficult to women to understand. It doesn't matter if a man is divorced, married, widowed, single, gay, engaged, or any combination of the above. It isn't a factor if he's newly engaged, or is in relationship for the first time, or in an ongoing relationship, or if his girlfriend is a model. He will masturbate. Many women are shocked to learn this, but they should do their best to accept it. Take a look at your partner ladies. You might not have ever seen him doing it however it doesn't mean that he doesn't. He does. All of us do. We hear women asking why.

What drives a man to want me to masturbate or get a tan in my presence? The answer is easy. Fantasy. Men are in a hurry when it comes to sex. We all seem to like to lie at home and do nothing. While it's wonderful sexual activity, it can also be exhausting. Every single woman is different. Certain women may experience an orgasm in ten seconds. Some can have an orgasm in just ten seconds. Some take up to twenty minutes. Some people require more time and the right level of intimacy to achieve their level of satisfaction. If a man is able to imagine a world in which his partner is everything he can dream of, has no expectations and produces the exact same outcomes as sex will. Women can understand fantasy. This is also a reason why women get involved in masturbation. The distinction between males and females appears to be that males can become aroused almost instantaneously, particularly through visual stimuli and imagination such as a porn-themed movie, while women often require far more gentle aural, sexual, and actual stimulation.

Imagine this ladies. When you return from work late, your man has changed into Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington or the Milk Tray Man, or whatever your current favorite is. He's cooked your favourite dinner, washed itand set the right smelling candles and placed them in the right places. The soothing music has soothed your ears, you ironed your skirt, blouse, and bathed you, all set to massage your muscles with the smallest touch of your fingertips. Then he will lure you in with the appropriate words, the perfect action, the right touch, the right amount of kissing at the right times. His arms are a good amount of muscle, as do his six-pack, his body is in good shape and he smells just like you would like him to, and when you fall in love and kiss him, he performs everything you desire, in the right way, and without being told. Mind blowing. To generate additional details on this please click to read more

Pure fantasies. Women must now accept that for men the same thing happens, except that men don't need to 'feel' sexy. Porn can be a great source of stimulation for men but the fun is the most enticing part. Porn movies are frequently viewed by men as like fake female models' breasts. Sometimes the acting is quite low, the characters are not real and the action in a different way, limp. Pornography just gives a man an opportunity to be excited. People imagine that their dream woman will do anything to please him. Things that maybe his real life partner would not consider. The woman he is dating may not be a fan of oral sex, she might not be loud while having a sex and she may not want to be in a certain position or position, and she may perform it only in darkness, and she may not have an orgasm through sexual relations.

I tried my very best to appear normal, but in reality it didn't matter. As it was brought back to the big scene and the first bit of nudity was suddenly splashed throughout my living space, it wasn't long before my wife and I were creating our own version of the film. To be sincere, I've yet to watch the remainder of Batman XXX. So my advice, for anyone who has ever considered applying this "great idea" to good use and implement it with the best way you can..but make sure and see the whole thing through. You'll likely arrive at the point of pressing play. There's a really good chance that your partner is just as frightened about the subject as you are.

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