In vitro evaluation of Dichanthium annulatum (Marvel grass) grass hay diets supplemented with browse foliage

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  • SULTAN SINGH Principal Scientist, Indian Grassland and Fodder Research Institute, Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh 284 003 India
  • B B SINGH Ex-SRF, Plant Animal Relationship Division, Indian Grassland and Fodder Research Institute, Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh 284 003 India


Dicanthium annulatum, Gas production, In vitro evaluation, Shrubs/Tree foliage


In present study 20 Dichanthium annulatum-DA grass based diets formulated with browse foliage from 5 tree leaves (Hardwickia binata-HB, Albizia lebbek-AL, Grewia optiva-GO, Anogeissus pendulla-AP and Leucaena leucocephala-LL) and five shrubs (Dichrostachys cineria-DC, Securengia virosa-SV, Zizyphus xylophyrus-ZX, Helictris isora-HI and Acacia catechu-AC) in 50:50 and 75: 25 ratios were assessed for in vitro nutrients degradation, metabolites and gas production using sheep and goat rumen liquor. CP, NDF, ADF and cellulose contents differ significantly (P<0.05) amongst the diets. CP contents were higher in DA: LL (9.55) and DA: AL (8.58) diets and lowest in DA: HB diet (4.87%), while NDF, ADF and cellulose contents were higher in DA: AL (62.86, 42.09 and 32.82%) and lowest in DA: LL (55.15, 31.75 and 24.24 %). Mean values of DM, CP, NDF and ADF degradability varied significantly across diets in rumen inoculum of both species. DA: LL, DA: SV and DA: GO diets had higher DM, CP, NDF and ADF degradability in rumen liquor of both animal species. TVFA, total-N and ammonia-N contents were higher in sheep and goat from DA: LL, DA: SV and DA: GO diets. Sheep and goat rumen liquor had higher mean total-N contents at 50:50 ration of grass-foliage diets (45.36 and 47.57) than at 75: 25 ratio (36.00 and 36.96 mg/dl), respectively. Mean values of IVDMD (%), gas (ml/g) and partition factor differed across the diets in both species. Diets mean values for IVDMD and gas tended to be more for goats (167.50 and 54.13) than sheep (142.99 ml/g and 52.25%), while partition factor values tended to be more for sheep (3.58) than goats (3.01). DA: LL, DA: GO and DA: SV diets had higher gas and IVDMD in rumen liquor of both species and lowest for DA: DC diet. Results showed that DA: LL, DA: GO and DA: SV have higher nutrients digestibility with higher metabolites concentration on fermentation in sheep and goat rumen liquor.


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