Cryo-capacitation changes during cryopreservation of swamp buffalo spermatozoa

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  • D J TALUKDAR Mugagen Laboratories Private Limited, TIC, IIT Guwahati
  • K AHMED Assam Agricultural University, Guwahati, Asom 781 022 India
  • B C DEKA Assam Agricultural University, Guwahati, Asom 781 022 India
  • S SINHA Assam Agricultural University, Guwahati, Asom 781 022 India
  • S DEORI ICAR - National Research Centre on Yak, Dirang, Arunachal Pradesh
  • G C DAS Assam Agricultural University, Guwahati, Asom 781 022 India


Cryo-capacitation, Cryopreservation, Spermatozoa, Swamp buffalo


Cryopreservation of sperm cells induces cryo-capacitation like changes. These changes are associated with reduced survival of sperm cells in the female reproductive tract that ultimately associate with poor fertility. The present study was designed with the objective to investigate the cryo-capacitation changes in relation to acrosomal status, transaminases activities, sperm membrane protein and cholesterol content in swamp buffalo spermatozoa. Results revealed that the total mean incidences of acrosome reacted spermatozoa and the mean activity of ALT and AST were significantly higher after equilibration and freezing. The mean level of sperm membrane protein and cholesterol was significantly lower after equilibration and freezing. It may be concluded from the present study that cryopreservation induces capacitation-like changes in swamp buffalo spermatozoa.


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