Economic losses due to livestock production constraints and agenda for research and development for Odisha

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  • AWADHESH KUMAR JHA Assistant Professor-cum-Junior Scientist, Dairy/ Agricultural Economics, Department of Dairy Business Management, Sanjay Gandhi Institute of Dairy Technology, Jagdeo Path, Patna, Bihar 500 014 India
  • R K P SINGH Consultant, VDSA, ICAR-RCER, Patna


Economic losses, Livestock production constraints, Research and development, Odisha


The present study assesses research and development priorities for livestock sector in Odisha. The specific objective of this study is to identify biotic, abiotic and socio-economic constraints to livestock production at micro level; and prioritize the research and agenda based on the intensity of these constraints in the state of Odisha. On the basis of analysis of micro-information, the lack of progeny bull, mineral deficiency, shortage of green fodder, and sterility emerged as the first four persisting constraint in Odisha, which are adversely affecting the bovine in realizing potential yield. These constraints of dairy production are yet to be addressed properly. Indiscriminant/ inbreeding due to unavailability of true to breed bucks and rams and lack of fodder/feed are the common constraints for goat and sheep farming. Diseases like, dermatitis, parasitic infections and pox in Odisha are also economically important constraint for goat and sheep farming. Accordingly, there is a need to allocate research resources and target development interventions to increase the efficacy and efficiency of livestock R&D in Odisha.


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