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  • R N Padaria


We are commemorating the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhiji. Though there could be a debate if the Gandhian thoughts are relevant and pragmatic in the present context; the fact is that the ideals and values of Gandhiji have been of immense relevance not only for socio-cultural and political spheres but also for agriculture and rural development. He proclaimed that if the villages perish India too
will perish. At a juncture, when the nations across the globe are striving for attainment of sustainable development goals, Gandhian philosophy provides insight and direction for way forward. Management of natural resources holds the key to development. He had rightly warned that 'To forget how to dig the Earth and tend the soil is to forget ourselves,' and Earth provides us enough for our needs but not for our greed1. Drawing
form the experiences of drought during the independence struggle at Kathiawar region in Gujarat, Gandhiji made efforts for creating awareness and appealed for afforestation on a large scale as an effective measure to contain water crisis. He emphasized the need for water harvesting in the prayer meetings. There are enormous challenges to agriculture and livelihoods due to global warming and climate change. Therefore, it is highly prudent to make judicious use of naturally available resources,
without disturbing the ecological balance.
I extend my sincere thanks to all the authors for making valuable contributions. 1 also extend sincere thanks to all the expert members in the editorial board. Special thanks are extended to Dr M.S.Nain and Dr. Himanshu De for their painstaking efforts.
Special thanks are extended to the President, ISEE; Dr US Gautam for providing insightful thoughts and guidance in bring out this issue. Dr Bhanu Mishra deserves special thanks for making committed efforts in
compiling and thorough editing of the papers.






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