Genetic variability and trait association for grain yield in barley(Hordeum vulgare L.)

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Barley variability, correlation, and path coefficient analysis


  • Madhu Patial
  • Manoj Kumar
  • Santosh Kumar Bishnoi
  • Dharam Pal
  • Kallol Kumar Pramanick
  • Arun Kumar Shukla
  • Silky Gandhi


Barley, Heritability, Correlation, Path analysis, Variability


For yield enhancement, it is primarily important to know and predict the nature of variability available for the inter-related traits. Therefore, study was conducted to know the variability available and to comprehend the correlation among different traits for grain yield in barley accessions. Thirty-two barley accessions including two checks were sown in randomized block design with three replications at ICAR-IARI, Regional Station, Shimla, and data on seven traits viz., days to maturity, plant height, spike length, grains/spike, tillers/meter, 1000-grain weight and grain yield were recorded. Sufficient genetic variability was observed among the barley lines used for the studied traits except for tillers/m. High heritability was observed for 1000 grain weight, days to maturity and plant height suggesting possible improvement of these three agronomic traits. The value of genetic advance as percent of mean was high coupled with high broad sense heritability for 1000 grain weight highlighting that the character is governed by additive genes and selection may be beneficial for such trait. Based on the correlation results at genotypic level, tillers/m (0.93) and 1000 grain weight (0.23) had higher correlation with seed yield which could be considered important traits for yield enhancement in barley. At genotypic level, 1000 grains weight showed direct positive effect on grain yield (0.22) with significant positive genotypic correlation coefficient of 0.24. The traits, spike length (4.05) followed by plant height (2.87) and days to maturity (2.14) also showed high positive direct effects but values of genotypic correlations were negative.

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  • Madhu Patial








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Genetic variability and trait association for grain yield in barley(Hordeum vulgare L.): Barley variability, correlation, and path coefficient analysis. (2024). Journal of Cereal Research, 15(2).

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