Effect of Aloe vera Supplemented Feed on Survival and Growth of Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)

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  • Injeela Khan
  • Asha Dhawan
  • Meera Ansal


Aloe Vera, Carps, Growth, Medicinal herbs, Feed additives


Common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) fish were fed with feeds supplemented with A. vera gel (AVG) and A. vera extract (AVE) both @ 1 and 2% (10 and 20 g/kg feed) to evaluate the growth promoting efficacy of aloe (Aloe vera) for 120 days. Feed without A. vera served as control. Water quality and nutrient status of water in
both control and A. vera fed groups remained well within the optimum range for carps. The pond productivity with respect to phytoplankton groups had higher (P<0.05) cyanophyceae population in ponds where fish were fed on feeds supplemented with 2% AVE. However, among different zooplankton groups, significantly higher
rotifera (AVG 2%) and protozoa (AVG 2%, AVE 1% and AVE 2%) population was recorded in A. vera fed groups and mean total zooplankton population was also higher (P<0.05) in all the A. vera fed groups. Fish growth (in terms of body length and body weight) was higher in all the A. vera fed groups. Feed cost increased with
increasing dose of A. vera supplementation. Over 60 and 100% higher fish harvest was obtained with AVG (2%) and AVE (2%) supplemented feeds which not only compensated for the higher feed cost but also resulted into extra earning. The results showed that although A. vera (both gel and extract) can be incorporated up to 2% level (20 g/kg feed) in common carp feed for more production in a given period of time but the maximum benefits could be obtained by incorporating AVE @ 1% (10 g/ kg feed).


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