Variations of Daily Extreme Precipitation over Stations of Humid North-East India

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  • Maisnam Luwangleima
  • Salil K. Shrivastava


Extreme Precipitation Indices, ETCCDI, daily precipitation, trend in extreme precipitation indices, North-Eastern region of India


It’s a known fact that climate change will bring about increases in the occurrence of extreme weather events such as increased temperature, droughts and floods. Northeast India is one such region which receives much rainfall than all the India average which cause flooding, drought, damage crops and bring life to standstill. Based on the daily precipitation data from two stations in the humid North-East India, this study examined the characteristics of daily extreme precipitation in Imphal and Shillong for the period from 1985 to 2003. The daily records of precipitation data were
collected from ICAR Manipur and Meghalaya. Six extreme precipitation indices out of 11 extreme precipitation indices recommended by the Expert Team on Climate Change Detection and Indices (ETCCDI) were applied. Trends in the daily precipitation extreme indices were also identified using
a non-parametric Mann–Kendall test, while the significance of trend at 90% confidence level was estimated using Sen’s slope estimator. The results of the analysis indicated a significant increase in the consecutive dry days (CDD) in Shillong. The non-significant decrease in the wet day
precipitation (PRCPTOT) and R10 were found in both the stations. The consecutive dry days, CWD exhibits an increasing non-significant trend in Imphal while there was no change in Shillong. The 1- day maximum precipitation shows non-significant decreasing (increasing) trend in Imphal
(Shillong). Both the stations indicate a non-significant increasing trend in the 5-day maximum precipitation respectively.

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  • Maisnam Luwangleima

    Department of Agricultural Engineering, North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology, Nirjuli, Itanagar-791109,
    Arunachal Pradesh









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