Conquering Rinderpest in India: A Symphony of Science and Ethics Paving the Way for Future Veterinary Triumphs

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  • P.K Uppal Former Advisor Animal Husbandry, Government of Punjab, Punjab


Rinderpest, India, Veterinary, Triumphs


Throughout the course of human history, the enduring impact of the Rinderpest disease on social, economic, and ecological facets has persisted for millennia. Traditionally disseminated through trade and conflict, the disease has caused substantial cattle losses in India, with notable instances such as the one million animal deaths in Himachal Pradesh in 1860. By 1996, the number of outbreaks and death rates had plummeted to zero, a stark contrast to the 8,000 outbreaks and 200,000 deaths per year before 1950. This disease was known notorious for spreading through the trade in animals and as a consequence of war, left an indelible mark on the course of humanity. In India, Rinderpest was accountable for the decimation of thousands of cattle annually, with its prevalence extending to nearly every district in the country, as documented by Hallen et al. in 1871. The mortality rate attributed to this disease ranged from 80% to 100%, inflicting substantial economic losses.


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