The Impact of Administering Kisspeptin-10 Peripherally on FSH Release and Reproductive Performance in Estrus Synchronized Ewes

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  • Qayssar J. kadim Veterinary Department, Ministry Of Agriculture, Iraq
  • Souhayla O. Hussain Department of Obstetrics, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Baghdad University, Iraq


Kisspeptin, reproductive, Estrus, Ewes


The aim of this study was to elucidate the impact of administering kisspeptin-10  through injection on gonadotropin profile (FSH) in treated ewes, to evaluate the effect of CIDR and kisspeptin-10  injection on ovarian cyclicity (estrus activity), estrus response, estrus phase length, gestation period, Pregnancy Rate, fertility Rate (%)  and litter size in adult ewes. Twenty four local Awassi non-pregnant and non-lactating ewes and 3 adult Rams of proven fertility (2-4 years old) were used in the study.  The duration of study was for 9 months from March 2022 to December 2022. The Experimental animals were divided into three groups, each consisting of 8 sheep. The First group (G1) served as control, the  second group (G2) Estrus synchronization using CIDR only for 12 days and third group (G3) Estrus synchronization using CIDR for 12 days and at CIDR withdrawal with an  injection of kisspeptin-10 (5µg/kg B.W. The investigation encompassed the examination of estrus synchronization and subsequent natural mating of the animals with proven rams. Blood samples were collected at 60 and 30 minutes prior to the administration of kisspeptin and CIDR withdrawal, and 15, 30, 60, 90, 120, 180, 240, 300, and 360 min after kisspeptin injection. Results reviewed duringApril and  May 2022 , indicated that all the ewes in G1 control group didn’t show any estrus signs during  this period (out of breeding season), but the %  of ewes that exhibited estrusin G2 and  G3 was 75% and 100% respectively. Significant differences were seen in estrus phase length between G2and G3(P<0.05) (27.50± 1.59, 47.12±5.71hours) respectively. The observed gestation period was 149.50±0.64 days in G2 and 149.38±0.80 days in G3 which is non-significant. Pregnancy Rate and Fertility Rates were 66.6 and 100%and litter size rates were 125and 137.5% in G2 and G3 respectively. Regarding the activity of FSH, the concentration increased after 15minutes of kisspeptin injection. In conclusion, treatment of Awassi ewes with Kisspeptin did not show any effect on reproductive performance and serum FSH concentrations.


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