About the Journal

Focus and Scope


The Tobacco Research journal publishes papers concerned with the advancement of research in tobacco throughout the world. It publishes original scientific work related to strategic and applied studies in all aspects of tobacco as well as reviews of scientific topics of current tobacco relevance.

Research articles, Reviews, short communications and scientific commentaries in all the areas of tobacco research. Multidisciplinary types of articles are also encouraged in this journal which brings together articles from different  technical backgrounds. Specific topics of interest include (but are not confined to): tobacco genetic resources, all aspects of crop improvement, crop production, crop protection, crop chemistry, soil science, physiology, extension, biochemistry, biotechnology, chemistry, tobacco quality and curing of tobacco, engineering solutions, decision support systems, impacts of climate change etc. All articles published in Tobacco Research are peer-reviewed. The decision of the Editor-in-Chief to publish a paper in concurrence with sections editors and reviewer’s opinion is considered final.

Peer Review Process

  • Referees are selected in recognition of authoritative scientific work in the fields covered by a journal.
  • Each paper submitted for publication is reviewed by two independent referees.
  • Referees are expected to respond to the editor’s request for advice within a limited period of time. Its length (14 days) is clearly stated by the editor. If a referee finds himself unable to attend to a manuscript within this period, he is asked to return the script immediately without comments in order to allow the editor to select another referee without further delay.
  • A referee’s report is meant to guide the editor, who usually transmits it to the author in order to help him improve his paper or understand the reasons for rejection.
  • Although the refereeing system,   helps to maintain and improve the quality of a journal, there are certain pitfalls, which  an editor is always   aware hence   never uses the referees’ comments blindly.
  • Authors are asked to follow the suggestions made by the referees, or otherwise state to the editor their reasons for not doing so.

  • Editor encourages peer reviewers to identify if they have a conflict of interest with the material they are being asked to review, and asks that peer reviewers decline invitations requesting peer review where any circumstances might prevent them producing fair peer review.  
  • Editor   requests the peer reviewers who delegate peer review to members of their staff to inform the editor when this occurs.
  • Peer review system is non-blinded and multiple reviewers. Research articles and review articles are always peer reviewed.
  • Consistent standards are applied in peer-review processes.
  • Editors or board members are never involved in editorial decisions about their own work.

Publication Frequency

The journal is published half-yearly.

Journal History

Tobacco Research is published from 1975 onwards. It is half-yearly journal.