Compatibility of Trichoderma harzianum (Rifai.) with fungicides, insecticides and fertilizers



A study was undertaken to evaluate the compatibility of commonly used agrochemicals at recommended dosages with Trichoderma harzianum that is being used as a biocontrol agent against capsule and rhizome rot diseases of cardamom caused by Phytophthora meadii and Pythium vexans, respectively. Three commonly used fungicides, six insecticides and NPK (75:75:150) were tested under in vitro and in vivo. Cent percent mycelial inhibition was recorded in Bordeaux mixture 1% followed by Quinalphos (55.84%). Other fungicides and insecticides under test were found non inhibitory at their respective recommended dosages and were at par with control, thus indicated the compatibility of Trichoderma with these fungicides and insecticides. In vivo study also showed compatibility of T. harzianum with chemicals and fertilizers. Carbofuran, Copper oxy chloride and Phorate were found highly compatible to T. harzianum. In addition, they were found supportive to increase the population of T. harzianum.

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