Trawl fishery of penaeid shrimps along Mandapam coast of Palk Bay, Tamil Nadu, southern Ind

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  • M. Rajkumar Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute
  • R. Vinothkumar
  • S. Thirumalaiselvan
  • L. Remya


The shrimp fishery of Palk Bay is unique, being mostly supported by a single species Penaeus semisulcatus throughout the year. The estimated total landing of penaeid shrimps by trawls at Mandapam coast of Palk Bay Tamil Nadu during 2016 was 1652 t. The shrimp landings at Mandapam comprised twelve species viz, Penaeus semisulcatus, P. latisulcatus, P. indicus, P. merguiensis, P. japonicus, P. canaliculatus, P. monodon, Kishinouyepenaeopsis maxillipedo, Metapenaeus moyebi, M. stridulans, M. tolensis and Megokris granulosus. Along this coast, shrimps are landed round the year with a peak landing in June. P. semisulcatus dominated the catch (1077.2 t) followed by P. latisulcatus (161.06 t), M. moyebi (109.61 t), M. stridulans (91.19 t) and P. maxillipedo (89.83 t). The peak season for the shrimp fishery usually starts from June and continues up to August, contributing 75-80% of the total annual shrimp landings. The annual average catch per hour (CPH) for shrimps was estimated at 10.7 kg and maximum CPH (21.9 kg) was observed in February. Mean length, size range and sex ratio as well as gut contents of penaeid shrimps landed during the study period were also analysed. The findings of the present study provide information for framing management measures for sustaining the shrimp fishery in future.

Keywords: Catch per hour, Fishery, Management, Palk Bay, Penaeid shrimps


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