The Indian Journal of Fisheries is published quarterly by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). Original contributions in the field of fish and fisheries science will be considered for publication in the Journal. The material submitted must be unpublished and not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Papers based on research which kills or damages any species, regarded as threatened/ endangered as per IUCN criteria or is as such listed in the Red Data Book appropriate to the geographic area concerned, will not be accepted by the Journal, unless the work has clear conservation objectives

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Vol. 69 No. 3 (2022)

Published: 2022-09-30

Reproductive traits of the obtuse barracuda Sphyraena obtusata Cuvier, 1829 in the Gulf of Mannar, south-east coast of India

R. Vinothkumar, A. Srinivasan, P. Jawahar, N. Neethiselvan, P. Padmavathy, E. M. Abdussamad, Prathiba Rohit

On-farm performance of genetically improved scampi (CIFA-GI scampi TM) in carp-scampi polyculture system in Odisha, India

Debabrata Panda, Bindu R. Pillai, Kanta Das Mahapatra, Himanshu Kumar De, Bibhudatta Mishra, Sovan Sahu, Namita Naik, Purnapriya Suara, Abhijit Nayak, Mukesh Kumar Patra

Composite carp culture in Andhra Pradesh and Odisha: A comparative study

Himansu Kumar De, Simantini Shasani, Manoj Kumar Das, Sarita Das, Sreenivasulu Gudipudi, Abhijit Sinha Mahapatra, Gour Sundar Saha

Design and development of IoT and demerit score based system to assess fresh fish quality

C. G. Joshy, R. Lizbeth, George Ninan, S. K. Panda, A. A. Zynudheen, K. Ashok Kumar, C. N. Ravishankar

Scyphozoan jellyfish diversity and distribution along the north-eastern Arabian Sea, off Gujarat coast, India

Tarachand Kumawat, R. Saravanan, K. Vinod, K. K. Joshi, A. K. Jaiswar, G. Deshmukhe, L. Shenoy
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