About the Journal

Since its establishment in 2013, 'Current Horticulture' has been a cornerstone publication in the field of horticultural science. Published by the Society for Horticultural Research and Development, the journal has played a pivotal role in advancing knowledge and fostering collaboration within the horticultural community. With its inaugural issue marking the beginning of a journey towards excellence, 'Current Horticulture' has consistently upheld a commitment to quality and innovation. Over the years, the journal has evolved into a platform where researchers, scientists, academicians, and stakeholders converge to share their latest findings, insights, and advancements in various facets of horticulture. From plant cultivation techniques to breeding methodologies, from genetics to pest management strategies, each issue of 'Current Horticulture' showcases a diverse array of articles that 

contribute to the collective understanding of horticultural practices. Its publication schedule, releasing three issues annually in April, August, and December, ensures a steady flow of cutting-edge research to the global horticultural community. Through its dedication to excellence, 'Current Horticulture' has earned recognition as a leading publication in the field, driving innovations and shaping the future of horticultural research and development.

The journey of 'Current Horticulture' since its inception in 2013 exemplifies a commitment to scholarly excellence and advancement in horticultural science. As a publication of the Society for Horticultural Research and Development, the journal has served as a beacon of knowledge dissemination, providing a platform for researchers and practitioners to share their insights and discoveries. With its inaugural issue, the journal embarked on a mission to elevate the discourse surrounding horticulture, covering a wide range of topics including plant cultivation, breeding, genetics, pest management, and post-harvest technology. The triannual publication schedule, releasing issues in April, August, and December, ensures a regular influx of cutting-edge research from around the globe. 'Current Horticulture' has become synonymous with quality and rigor, attracting submissions from esteemed scholars and experts in the field.