About the Journal

Focus and Scope

The Indian Journal of Agroforestry, a biannual journal, publishes scientific articles concerned with basic and applied research in the field of agroforestry and management, conservation, and improvement of woody species which have practical utility in biological, ecological, and social sciences. The Journal accepts original research papers, reviews articles, Research notes/reports and opinions. The contribution to the journal, except for invited articles, is open to the members of the Indian Society of Agroforestry and other researchers involved in agroforestry research and development.

Peer Review Process

The submitted articles are reviewed and got revised in the following manner:

Step 1. As soon as the chief editor receives a manuscript, he assigns a number to it. Thereafter, the chief editor sends the MS along with suggested referees to one of the editors.

Step 2. The assigned editor evaluates it and decides whether it is to be sent to the reviewer for referral comments or to be rejected at the level of the editor itself. In case it is rejected by the editor, the MS is sent back to Chief Editor along with the editor's comments for final decision and communication to authors.

Step 3. If the editor finds that the MS can be considered for IJAF, then it is sent to preferably two (at least one) independent referees of the editor's own choice giving due weightage to referees suggested by the authors. Depending on the comments of the referees, the editors communicate with the chief editor about the rejection of MS otherwise got revised by communicating with the corresponding author. The revised MS along with the referee's comments and author's response is sent to the chief editor for final decision. 

Step 4. After seeing the opinion of the editor's revised MS, referees' comments, and the author's response, the chief editor takes the final decision on MS. 


Indian Society of Agroforestry, Jhansi (U.P.)

Journal History

The Indian Journal of Agroforestry is an official publication of the Indian Society of Agroforestry and published regularly twice a year since 1998.