Fish trapping devices and methods in Assam - a review

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  • P Pravin
  • B Meenakumari
  • M Baiju
  • J Barman
  • D Baruah
  • B Kakati


Traps are impounding devices into which an organism is lured either for food or shelter and are unable to escape. There are a wide number of fish trapping devices and methods operated in the rivers, flood plain wetlands (Beels), and low lying water areas of Assam. These traps are of various shapes and sizes depending on the area of operation and the behaviour of target fishes and are mostly made up of split bamboo splinters. The traps have been broadly classified as per the FAO classification of fishing gears. The different trapping devices and methods prevalent in Assam are presented and discussed in this paper. Traps are selective fishing gear which can be used for sustainable fishing in the region.





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Pravin, P., Meenakumari, B., Baiju, M., Barman, J., Baruah, D., & Kakati, B. (2011). Fish trapping devices and methods in Assam - a review. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 58(2), 127-135.