Quality changes in Bombayduck Harpodon nehereus stored in slurry ice and flake ice: A comparative study

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  • A. Jeyakumari Scientist, ICAR- MRC of CIFT
  • George Ninan
  • L. Narasimha Murthy
  • S. Visnuvinayagam
  • U. Parvathy
  • C. N. Ravishankar



The effect of slurry ice on quality changes of Bombayduck (Harpodon nehereus)  was evaluated in comparison with conventional flake ice. Biochemical, microbiological and sensory analyses were carried out upto 16 days. Total volatile base nitrogen (TVB-N), trimethylamine (TMA) and pH were found to be lower in fish stored under slurry ice (SI). Similarly, lower peroxide value (PV) of 19.25±1.1 meq O2 kg-1 was recorded for SI on 16th day of storage, while fish stored in flake ice (FI) recorded PV of 20.15±0.9 meq.O2 kg-1on 13th day. TBA values were found to be higher in SI than FI. However, all the samples had TBA value within the limit of acceptability. Salt content ranged between 0.15-0.28% and 0.15- 2.2% in FI and SI respectively.Total plate count (TPC), psychrophilic bacterial count, Pseudomonas spp. and H2S producers showed an increasing trend during storage. In the present study, psychrophilic bacterial count served as a good microbiological quality indicator than TPC. Results revealed that slurry ice was able to control both enzymatic and microbial activity in fish during storage period as indicated by the extended shelf life of Bombayduck up to 15 days of storage as compared to 12days recorded for control samples.

Keywords: Bombayduck, Flake ice, Harpodon nehereus, Slurry ice, Shelf life


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A. Jeyakumari, Scientist, ICAR- MRC of CIFT

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Jeyakumari, A., Ninan, G., Murthy, L. N., Visnuvinayagam, S., Parvathy, U., & Ravishankar, C. N. (2020). Quality changes in Bombayduck Harpodon nehereus stored in slurry ice and flake ice: A comparative study. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 67(3). https://doi.org/10.21077/ijf.2020.67.3.96370-20