Evaluation of designated hybrid seed parents of pearl millet for blast resistance

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  • T Yella Goud
  • Rajan Sharma
  • S K Gupta
  • G Uma Devi
  • Vishal L Gate
  • Manish Boratkar


Pearl millet, Magnaporthe grisea, designated B-lines, pathotype-isolates


One hundred sixty designated B-lines (maintainers of male sterile lines) of pearl millet were screened for blast resistance under greenhouse conditions along with a resistant (ICMR 06444) and a susceptible (ICMB 95444) check against five pathotype-isolates (Pg 45, Pg 53, Pg 56, Pg 118 and Pg 119) of Magnaporthe grisea. Twenty three lines exhibited seedling stage resistance to 3-5 pathotypes. Of the 23 lines, nine (81B, ICMB 88004, ICMB 92444, ICMB 97222-P1, ICMB 02111, ICMB 06444, ICMB 07111, ICMB 09333 and ICMB 09999) were found resistant to all the five pathotypes. The identified blast resistant lines are agronomically superior breeding lines being hybrid parents designated at ICRISAT. Thus, these lines could be either used in the crossing programs to develop blast resistant hybrid parents or as one of the parents for the development of blast resistant hybrids to diversify the genetic base of blast resistance in future pearl millet hybrids.


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Goud, T. Y., Sharma, R., Gupta, S. K., Devi, G. U., Gate, V. L., & Boratkar, M. (2020). Evaluation of designated hybrid seed parents of pearl millet for blast resistance. Indian Journal of Plant Protection, 44(1). Retrieved from https://epubs.icar.org.in/index.php/IJPP/article/view/105575