Climate change in Indian farming: Effects, management practices, policies and programmes


  • B Sri Sai Siddartha Naik
  • Pratishtha Diwaker
  • Asu Ramakrishna
  • Swetha Dhegavath
  • Jitendra Singh Bamboriya
  • Tirunagari Rupesh
  • Vinit Kumar Meena
  • Komandla Venkatkiran Reddy


Agriculture, Climate change, Atmosphere, Global warming, Technology.


India, a tropical country, is facing its impacts through droughts, floods, cyclones, heat waves, hailstorms,and coastal salinity which have become threats to sustainable development. About 70 per cent of the Indian population is directly or indirectly associated with agriculture and sub-sectors, and major Sustainability
Development Goals (SDGs) are expected to be met from this sector. Increasing global temperature due to the emission of enormous amount of green-house gases from various sources is the cause of climate change and impacts. Climate and agriculture are intensely interconnected with global processes. Even a
small change in climate affects agriculture adversely decreasing the production rate. Climate change effect through global warming phenomenon increases the average atmospheric temperature, which has become a mega trend changing the global future significantly. Global climate change, its causes and impacts are one
of the most emerging issues in science and technology domain. Global warming or climate change impacts include rising sea levels, more frequent extreme weather conditions, changes in precipitation and expansion of deserts as well. Future situations of South Asia may become adverse due to melting of glaciers and snow in the Himalayan regions. In this paper, an attempt has been made to address challenges of increasing global warming and another troublesome indicator of global climate changes such as storms, cyclones, landslides, etc. and their impacts and a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of adaptation options over combating the uncommon incidents of climate change is pivotal in the current scenario to sustain life and thereby assist policymakers in taking up adaptation challenges and developing measures to reduce the vulnerability of the farming sector to climate change.


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