Sustainable management approaches for better soil health and higher crop productivity

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  • Jitendra Singh Bamboriya
  • Ajit Kumar Meena
  • Vinit Kumar Meena
  • Neeta Mahawar
  • Gorantla Prathap Reddy
  • Raghuvir Singh Meena
  • Tirunagari Rupesh
  • B Sri Sai Siddartha Naik
  • Swetha Dhegavath


Ecological sustainability, soil tillage, land degradation, soil erosion, greenhouse gas emissions.


The rising population and reduction in the amount of land and resources created tremendous pressure on current agricultural producers to meet the increasing food demands. Intensive agricultural production without adherence to ecological sustainability has led to declining soil health, land degradation, and severe
environmental problems. Therefore, future efforts to feed the growing population should focus on greater agricultural production within sustainable environments. In this regard, innovative steps are needed, as business-as-usual policies lack the potential to cope with these challenges. The concept of agricultural
sustainability and various soil and crop management strategies (SCMS) that have been designed to optimize crop yield under sustainable environmental conditions. This review discussed, including nutrient management, site specific nutrient management (SSNM), integrated nutrient management (INM), integrated soil fertility management (ISFM), integrated soil-crop system management (ISSM), ridge-furrow mulching systems (RFMS), sustainable water management (SWM), conservation agriculture (CA), sustainable land management (SLM), vertical/sky farming, and integrated crop management, and breeding strategies as well as other approaches combined with technological and behavioural changes. The review also suggests that a sustainable production systems can be developed by combining the multifaceted efforts under SCMS practices with short- and long-term preventive measures. Reducing chemicals’ usage, like fertilizers and pesticides, plus improvements in the crop input use efficiency could minimize greenhouse gases emissions while protecting the environment. Sustainable agriculture holds promise for humankind and the planet earth, and it can be successful if all developed and developing nations stand together to seek ‘our common
future’ to produce more food while generating less environmental pressure.


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