Comparative profitability of Kharif and summer rice cultivation and, the impact on ground water and soil fertility


  • Virendra Singh
  • Om Prakash Maurya
  • Aparna Chausali


Summer season, Kharif season, economics of rice cultivation, resource use efficiency, profitability, and farmers’ perceptions.


The limitation of area expansion and sluggish growth in food production are the causes of concern. The farmers ought to produce more food from same or even lesser area keeping harmony with the fragile environment. In this context the only way of increasing the food production is by increasing the productivity
of major food crops. Rice cultivation in summer season has potential to get higher yield. Present study makes estimation of input use level and profitability of rice cultivation in Kharif and summer seasons. The study also showcases the farmers’ perception about the impact of summer rice cultivation on ground water
exploitation and land fertility. The primary data pertaining to 2015-16 was collected from 90 farmers through personal interview. The CACP cost concepts were used for working out profitability, while fivepoint scale was used for recording farmers’ perceptions. The study revealed that cost in rice cultivation
in summer season (`.55869/ha) was lower than in Kharif season (`.57097/ha), while the yield and gross returns in summer season (76.50 q/ha and `.99703/ha) were higher than Kharif season (62.32 q/ha and `.76077/ha). The study found that farmers are aware of the ill effects of rice cultivation in summer season
on underground water and land fertility, but in the quest of higher returns they are knowingly overexploiting these resources. The summer and Kharif crops ensure the sustainability of production. Though, rice cultivation in summer season instead of Kharif season proved to be cost saving and yield increasing and profitable intervention at individual level but threat to ground water and land fertility are the limiting factors


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