Design and development of a mono wheel operated sprayer cum weeder


  • Shambhu Singh
  • A K Dave
  • D Padhee
  • Aman Aman


Backpack sprayer, weeder, multi nozzle, mono-wheel.


The purpose of design and development was to reduce the time and labour requirement by combining the weeding and spraying pesticides/fertilizer operation. The developed weeder cum sprayer was operated by human power which required 0.097 hp power for operation. Generally Indian farmers use in traditional way, that is carry on backpack and weeding is done by manually pickup and local hand tool, it is time consuming and costly. The above issues may be addressed by manually operated sprayer cum weeder machine. For better yield of crop multi nozzle spraying and simultaneous weeding is important. An attempt has been made in this study for design and development of a sprayer cum weeder. For dry land crop, the machine was tested on chickpea crop. The developed sprayer cum weeder machine can work up to 3.0- 4.0 cm depth of operation, sprayer application rate was found to be 639.09 l/ha, sprayer overlap 1-2, 2-3, nozzle was found to be 10-16 percent. The experiment also revealed that the weeding and spraying operation time requirement for developed mono-wheel operated sprayer cum weeder was much less than the manual spraying and weeding. It was easy to operate and most importantly involved less human drudgery during its operation.


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