Screening of chilli traditional varieties and hybrids against sucking pests


  • Bhavna Verma
  • Nikki Bhardwaj
  • Kamal Tanwar
  • Ravikant Soni


Chilli, varietal screening, population, mites, aphids.


Investigations on “Varietal screening of chilli hybrid comparing with traditional varieties against sucking pests of chilli (Capsicum annum L.)†were carried out at Samajik Vigyan Kendra, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University Rehti, (Village Bordi) Tehsil- Nasrullaganj, Distt- Sehore (M.P.) during Rabi, 2018-19 and 2019- 20. Out of ten varieties of chilli screened against sucking pests (Aphids and Mites) of chilli, none of the varieties was found completely free from the attack of Aphids and mites. The varieties, VNR-277 and VNR- 577 were ranked least susceptible, while Pusa Jwala and US-1003 as highly susceptible and US- 9009, MHCP-310, MHCP-317, US-7030, VNR-1921, and VNR-109 as moderately susceptible. The minimum leaf
curling percent was also recorded in the least susceptible varieties, VNR-277, followed by VNR-577 and maximum was in highly susceptible varieties, Pusa Jwala and US-1003. Rest of the varieties viz., US-9009, MHCP-310, MHCP-317, US-7030, VNR-1921 and VNR-109 were moderately susceptible. Maximum fruit
yield of chilli was also obtained in the variety VNR-277 followed by VNR-577 and US-9009 and minimum was in Pusa Jwala and US-1003.


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