Indexing of banana cultivar Karpura Chakkarakeli (AAB) for Banana Bract Mosaic Virus (BBrMV) by DAC-ELISA technique


  • M Viswanath
  • B V K Bhagavan
  • K Ravindra Kumar
  • P Subbaramamma
  • M Girija Rani


DAC-ELISA, banana, Karpura Chakkarakeli (AAB), BBrMV.


Viral pathogens are major impediment in the banana tissue-culture industry. Among the viral diseases, BBrMV (Banana bract mosaic virus), CMV (Cucumber mosaic virus), BSV (Banana streak virus) and BBTV (Banana bunchy top virus) are occurring severely and causing major losses to banana farmers. Among the
different native banana cultivars in Andhra Pradesh, Karpura Chakkarakeli (AAB) is one of the popular banana cultivar and occupied in an area of 35,000 ha. Unfortunately, this cultivar is highly succumbed to Banana bract mosaic virus (BBrMV), genus Potyvirus, the causal agent of bract mosaic disease, is considered to be the most threatening and causing great yield loss. In the light of severe spreading of the viral diseases during recent times there is an utmost need to increase the production & supply of disease free planting material as per the demand which is raising day by day from the potential banana growing districts in the state Andhra Pradesh. The area expansion has, however, been accompanied by rampant spread of pests and diseases, most important among which are viral diseases transmitted through non-indexed planting material. Thus, the need for production of disease free, quality planting material is being felt more than ever before not only in the state but in other regions as well. Early detection by means of sensitive diagnostic methods is the main way to control them. Direct Antigen Coating Enzyme Linked Immuno Sorbent Assay (DAC-ELISA) a serological method utilized in the present was found effective in the detection of BBrMV infected mother plants of banana cv. Karpura Chakkarakeli (AAB).


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Viswanath, M., Bhagavan, B. V. K., Kumar, K. R., Subbaramamma, P., & Rani, M. G. (2021). Indexing of banana cultivar Karpura Chakkarakeli (AAB) for Banana Bract Mosaic Virus (BBrMV) by DAC-ELISA technique. Indian Journal of Plant Protection, 48(4). Retrieved from