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Author Guidelines

Scope of the Journal

The Indian Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Research published six times in a year, considers original papers for publication on all aspects of Veterinary, Animal, Fisheries and Food sciences. The scope of the journal includes animal and fisheries production, health and management, post-harvest technology and marketing. The acceptance of manuscript is decided based on the scientific merit as judged by referees in a double-blind review process and Editorial Board of the Journal.

Submission of manuscripts

The Article Text should be prepared as editable word files in Oxford English Dictionary spelling. The manuscript should be typed in Times New Roman font 12-pt and double line spacing with margins of at least 25mm all around. The manuscript should be line and page numbered throughout the document. Photographs of good resolution in JPEG format and Drawings and Diagrams in JPEG or TIF format should be submitted as separate files. Information in figures must not be duplicated in tables and vice versa. Magnification for photomicrographs should be indicated in the legend.

The Legends for photographs and drawings should be provided in a separate word file mentioning the file name and its description. The placement for photographs/ drawings should be indicated in the Article Text. Ensure that all figures and table citations in the text match the files provided. The Tables should be included in the end of the Aticle Text in separate pages, numbered consecutively in Arabic Numerals and have a short descriptive heading. Units of measure for each variable measured should be indicated. Appropriate estimates of variation (Standard error, standard deviation) must be provided with means. Use superscript letters for grouping of means in the body of the table and explain these in footnotes.

Declaration from authors :

The softcopies of all the above files along with a declaration prepared in the specified format should be uploaded along with the article Text. 

Preparation of manuscripts

The Full Length Research Papers should consist of Major Headings like Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Acknowledgement (optional) and References. The Major Headings are centered; all capitals. First subheadings begin at the left margin and the text that follows a first subheading should be in a new paragraph. The full length papers should normally not exceed 5000 words in length including tables and illustrations and should contain concisely written following sections.

The Title of the paper in capital letters in exception for scientific names

The Author Byline contains the names of authors. The affiliations of the authors are annotated by number in the footnotes in numerical order at first mention. The symbol asterisk (*) in superscript is used to denote the corresponding author after the name and the email id of corresponding author is to be given in the footnote.

The Primary Affiliation is the institute in which the research was done and it should be written in the next line below Author Byline. The Primary Affiliation should be in the order of small to large (Department, Institution, University, City, State, Country).

Provide maximum of five Key Words for full length paper for subject indexing.

An Abstract is printed at the beginning of the paper. Abstract should not be more than 200 words emphasizing objectives, experimental procedure, results and conclusions. Use complete sentences and limit the use of abbreviations. It should be in a form suitable for abstracting journals to use.

A brief Introduction with specific emphasis on the necessity for such research may be given.

Materials and Methods section may refer to previous description of methods wherever possible. This section should include experimental designs and methods of statistical analysis.

Results and Discussion may contain subheading if appropriate. This part should be brief and to the point, without repetition of results.

An Acknowledgement section, if required, may be given.


Harvard style needs to be followed. Where available, URLs for the references need to be provided.

Units, symbols and abbreviations

The units should conform to the International System of Units (refer Baron, D.N. (1994). Units, Symbols and Abbreviations: A Guide for Biological and Medical Authors. 4th ed. London. Royal Society of Medicine). Abbreviations should not be used in the title, section heading or at the beginning of sentences.  As a rule, author-coined abbreviations should be in all capital letters. These should be spelled out in full with the abbreviation following in parentheses the first time they are mentioned.

Refer the Full length Articles of latest issues of IJVASR for more details. 

Short Communications and Case Reports

Short Communications and Case Reports should have Title, Author Byline and Primary Affiliations and Key Words. Provide maximum of three Key Words only. Abstract for should not exceed 100 words. The word count including tables, illustrations and references should be approximately 1500 or less. Major headings are not allowed, but subheadings can be used wherever required.

Refer the latest issues of IJVASR for more details 

Review articles

Review articles should have a title page as described for full length papers and should not contain more than 7500 words including tables, illustrations and references. Subheadings can be used wherever required.

Refer the Review Articles of latest issues of IJVASR for more details 


Every submission should be accompanied with a non-refundable Article Processing Fee of INR 500 (Rupees Five Hundred only) or US $ 10.0. 

The journal has no page charges for publication. However, all the named authors of the article should be either annual or life member of the Journal at the time of publication. The annual membership can be obtained by paying a subscription of Rs. 500 (or US$ 50 for foreign nationals) and life membership (10 years) by paying Rs. 3,000 (or US$ 250 for foreign nationals).

Foreign authors are exempted from paying Processing Fee while making submission. Processing fee along with membership fee will be collected for the accepted foreign articles before publication.

The online payment of processing and membership fees can be done to the bank account of IJVASR. The transaction details (Name, Bank, Branch, amount transferred, date, time, transaction id. etc.) need be furnished as screenshot of payment or through email to

Bank account details of IJVASR

Account Name    : The Editor, IJVASR & Director of Research, TANUVAS, Chennai

Account No       : 332902010721641

Bank                 : Union Bank of India, Madhavaram Branch

IFSC Code         : UBIN0533297


Proofs will usually be sent to the first or corresponding author. Only typesetter’s errors may be corrected; no changes in, or additions to, the edited manuscript will be allowed. It is a condition of acceptance that the Editors reserve the right to proceed to press without submitting the proofs to the author. While reasonable care will be taken to ensure that proof reading is correctly done, neither the Editors nor the Publishers shall be responsible for any errors.


The printed copy of the journal in which the article appeared will be sent by post to all the authors. The reprint as pdf file will be  archived and made available permanantly to the authors and other readers. The authors can download and use the pdf reprints. No additional printed reprints will be supplied. 

Submission Preparation Checklist

All submissions must meet the following requirements. Prepare and keep ready the following files before proceeding further.

1. Article Text: Prepared in Mircrosoft Word as per Author Guidelines. The text should adhere to the stylistic and bibliographic requirements of IJVASR.

2. Figures: The photographs, diagrams and illustrations of high resolution JPEG/ PNG/ Tiff files to be included in the article as Fig. Make sure that the size of any of these files does not exceed 15 MB. 

3. Legends: The legends for Figures in a Microsoft Word need to be uploaded.

4. Author Declaration Form: A scanned signed copy of author declration in pdf/ JPEG file format.

5. Processing Fee Details: Screenshot of transaction of prcessing fee (Rs. 500 for Indian nationals). Alternatively, the transaction details can be funished as 'Comments for the Editor' during the fourth step of submission process along with other specific informations (if any), the author wants to communicate to the Editor. Foreign authors need not pay Processing Fee at the time of submission, the same will be collected along with membership fee once the article is accepted.

6. Supplementary files: Any supplementary material as the part of or pertaining to the manuscript can also be uploaded.

Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.