Induction of oestrus by Sulpiride and measurement of estrogen hormone in Iraqi AwassiEwes during the out of breeding season

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  • Ali A. Abd Dept. of Obstetric, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Tikrit University
  • Najlaa S. Ibrahim Dept. of Obstetric, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Baghdad University


Estrogen, Induction estrus,Sulpiride


Aim of  the study was to induction of estrus in anestrus Iraqi Awassi ewes by sulpiride treatment. The results  of  estrus  response  reveals  significant differences (P˂0.05)  between treated  and control groups. The time elapse to estrus following treatment was 7±1.30 days . The average estrus duration average was 29.3±2.4 hours in treated group. The estrogen concentration  was significantly (P˂0.05)  between treatment and control group (15.00±0.57 and 12.00±0.77 pg/ml) respectively. It can be concluded that using sulpiride in programs for induction of estrus as non-hormonal intervention in seasonally anestrus ewes shows a high rate of successful estrus  induction in Iraqi Awassi ewes.


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