Performance of Fisheries Cooperative Societies of Chandil Reservoir in Jharkhand

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  • Shweta Kumari
  • Arpita Sharma


Fisheries cooperatives, performance, Chandil reservoir, Jharkhand


Cage culture in Chandil reservoir, Jharkhand is a success story due to synergistic efforts of the rural community, fishery cooperatives, NGOs, State and Central Government. Members of different fishery cooperatives of Chandil reservoir are actively involved in cage culture. It was thus necessary to study the performance of fisheries cooperative societies in Chandil reservoir. Performance of the fishery cooperatives was analysed by using cooperative performance index (CPI) using 5 different dimensions i.e., Legal status and cooperative planning and strategy, Management structure and Accounting system, Production and quality of inputs, Market linkages and relationships and Recruitment and retention strategy. A 3- point scale was used to check if the parameters of each dimension were followed or not by these cooperative societies. Score 2 was given if it was followed ‘Always’. Score 1 was given if it was followed ‘Sometimes’ and score 0 if it was ‘Never’ followed. Score between 0-0.67 was classified as poor performance, 0.67-1.33 as average performance and 1.33-2 as good performance. Study revealed that none of the cooperatives had poor performance overall or on individual dimensions. Lowest score was for market linkages and relationship dimension for all the 5 cooperatives. Kruskal-Wallis non parametric test revealed no significant difference at 5% level of significance among the performance scores of different cooperatives. Based on the results it is suggested to improve market linkages adding value to member’s production and having market plan.


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Shweta Kumari, & Arpita Sharma. (2023). Performance of Fisheries Cooperative Societies of Chandil Reservoir in Jharkhand. Journal of Indian Fisheries Association, 48(2). Retrieved from

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