Rice caryopsis- Its nutritive value and medicinal properties

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Its nutritive value and medicinal properties



Rice, caryopsis, nutrients, endosperm, biofortification


Cereal crops like rice provides food and sustain health in animal consumers. Its edible caryopsis beside being a source of energy also act as the main nutritional foundation especially for mankind. This paper reviewed the structural complexity of caryopsis, distribution pattern of various nutrients present and their medicinal properties. The caryopsis layers are rich in carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, lipids, minerals, vitamins, dietary fiber and bioactive compounds. But industrial milling removes most of these nutrient components as polished white rice is mostly consumed. Dismal grain filling process and gradual decreasing of nutrients in grains of many rice cultivars are other factors which further worsen grain quality and deprive poor consumers from getting adequate nutritive value. It results in micronutrient deficiencies, malnutrition and chronic diseases which seriously influence the human health. Therefore, here we have discussed various strategies which will help in mitigating the global health issues. Besides improving human health this review may further help in fulfilling growing demand for quality rice, educating consumers about diet and making them health conscious so that health promoting nutritious brown caryopsis is given more preference rather than the polished endosperm.

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  • Dr. Ajanta Nayak, Shailabala Government Autonomous College Cuttack

    Reader in Home Science
    Department of Home Science
    Shailabala Govrnment Women's Autonomous College
    Cuttack, Odisha, India
    A progressive academician with 20+ years of teaching and research experience in various blends of Home Science including Food & Nutrition, Textile & Fashion Design, Extension Education, HRM and Life span development along with fostering empirical research findings to connect with people’s everyday lives along with a strong advocator of digital learning and ICT’s. Currently pursuing a major research project with Department of Science and Technology, Government of Odisha.




  • Kaushik Das, Shailabala Government Autonomous Women's College

    Research Fellow
    Department of Home Science
    Shailabala Government Automous Women's College
    Cuttack, Odisha, India









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