Microbial profile of starter culture fermented fish product 'Ngari' of Manipur

CH Sarojnalini, T Suchitra


Bacteria isolated from Ngari (a fermented fish product of Manipur), prepared in large-scale industrial products were
identified. The starter culture isolated from 'Ngari', consisting of 3 species of Bacillus and 3 species of Micrococcus served
as inoculum for the initiation of fermentation at 30 °C in laboratory conditions. Proper fementation was noticed in 40 days
in starter culture inoculated fish whereas in naturally fermented fish, fermentation was noticed after 5 to 6 months. The
results confirmed that bacteria are responsible in the ripening process of 'Ngari'. Total plate count of bacteria reached upto
108 cfu g-1. Coliforms, Escherichia coli and Salmonella were not detected during the fermentation period. Sensory quality
of the products so obtained were comparable with that of commercial 'Ngari'. The spoilage indices such as thiobarbituric
acid (TBA) number and total volatile base nitrogen (TVBN) were within the acceptable limit

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