Effect of planting primed single budded setts on yield and quality of sugarcane

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  • M. Mohanty


Sugarcane, single budded setts, primed and sprouted cane nodes, cattle dung, cattle urine, hot water urea solution, cane yield and quality


A field experiment was conducted during 2012-13 and 2013-14 cropping seasons at the research
farm of Sugarcane Research Station, Nayagarh (Odisha). The soil was sandy loam, slightly acidic
(pH 6.4) with low organic carbon (0.486%) and available N (228 kg/ha). Available K (122 kg/ha)
and P (18 kg/ha) were in medium range of soil fertility. The experiment consisted of six treatments
laid out in RBD with four replications. The sugarcane cultivar 'Co Or 04152 (Raghunath)' of midlate
maturity group was raised using recommended doses of fertilizer (N: P2O5 :K2O @ 250, 100
and 60 kg/ha). The crop was managed as per standard package of practice and received irrigation
as and when required. The setts were dipped in 100 litres of water mixed with bavistin (150g)
and chlorpyriphos 50 EC (200 ml) for 20 minutes before planting to avoid white ant and fungal
infestation besides, the priming treatments as per the technical proggramme. Results revealed
that planting of 3 bud setts (T5) could record highest germination percentage of 57.50 followed by
T6 i.e. planting primed and sprouted single budded cane setts with 55.25% germination at 40
DAP. Conventional method of planting with three budded setts proved to be the best with highest
number of millable canes, cane and CCS yield. The treatments next in order were T6 with primed
and sprouted cane nodes followed by T5 where cane nodes were primed in cattle dung, cattle
urine and water in 1:2:5 ratio which could produce millable canes, cane and CCS yields at par
with conventional planting of three budded setts. These three treatments were significantly superior
to other treatment combinations. The higher yield parameters i.e. number of millable canes/ha,
length and girth of canes in the above mentioned treatments were the factors of higher cane and
CCS yield.






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