Cost analysis of fenugreek cultivation in Rajasthan


  • Deepa K. Kumar
  • S.S. Jheeba
  • R.C. Kumawat


Cost of cultivation, fenugreek, Rajasthan.


Rajasthan is one of the major fenugreek producing states. In 2012-13, the total area under fenugreek
in Rajasthan state was 82.36 thousand hectares and produced 87.38 thousand tones of fenugreek.
Costs in agriculture play a significant role in making the farm sector economically viable and feasible
under the pressure of continuous rise in input prices. The present study was aimed to estimate the
cost of cultivation of fenugreek in the state of Rajasthan. Shri-Madhopur mandi (Sikar) and Chomu
mandi (Jaipur) were selected on the basis of highest arrivals of fenugreek production during the
past three years. The fenugreek growing farmers of the selected villages were divided into marginal,
small, semi-medium, medium and large. The primary data were collected from the producers. Per
hectare average total cost (cost c2) of cultivation, operational costs on overall basis and overhead
cost were ` 23827.81, ` 16902.87 and ` 6924.94, respectively. Per rupee return from cultivation was
` 1.92 and overall cost of production per quintal was ` 1128.04. Herewith, arrangement of co-operative
marketing societies and enrollment of farmers to these societies may be better alternative to meet
the financial obligations.







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