Personal and socio-economic profile of dairy farmers and prevailing housing management practices for dairy animals in Navsari district of Gujarat

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  • N. B. Patel Navsari Agri. University
  • A. P. Raval
  • G. B. Sabapara
  • Y. D. Padheriya


 A study was conducted to study the socio-economic profile and housing management practices for dairy animals followed by dairy farmers of Navsari district of Gujarat. The study revealed that majority of the dairy farmers (46.67%) belonged middle to old age group having moderate literacy rate. Majority of the respondents were in large farmer’s categories (51.11%) and agriculture cum-livestock as their livelihood (84.44%) and having well developed dairy co-operative sector in their villages. Majority of respondents (73.33%) provided pucca houses and kept their animals nearby their dwellings (66.67%). About 65.56 per cent of respondents had pucca floor in an animal shed and thatched roof (51.11%). Provision of manger was managemental lacunae as half of the respondents (51.11 %) did not provided manger. Mostly respondents provided leveled flooring (62.22%) along with provision of pucca urinary drainage (63.33%).


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