Enhancing sporulation and determination of virulence of Alternaria solani isolates infecting tomato

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Alternaria solani, growth media, CaCO3, alternate light and dark


In order to study the effect of media, incubation condition and calcium carbonate (CaCO3) amendment on mycelial growth and sporulation in Alternaria solani, 13 different media were examined under different incubation conditions. Out of these, potato dextrose agar, phytone agar and Czapeck’s Dox agar supported maximum mycelial growth at 14 days after incubation at 25±1°C. Incubation condition T2 (One week continuous fluorescent light at 25±1°C followed by one week period dark at 21±1°C) supported sporulation in all isolates of A. solani. Moreover, pearl millet-CaCO3 agar media supported sporulation in all A. solani isolates and found to be the best medium supporting sporulation in A. solani. However, all the CaCO3 supplemented media (HPDA + CaCO3, CaCO3 agar and pearl millet - CaCO3) supported sporulation in A. solani. We further grew a random isolate As-4 under two growth condition viz., (i) subcultured on pearl millet + CaCO3 media and incubated under T2 incubation condition-denoted as isolate As-P and (ii) subcultured on PDA and incubated for 14 days under alternate light and dark condition at 25°C-designated as isolate As-Q. Effect of these growth conditions on virulence of A. solani were evaluated by inoculating both the isolate As-P and As-Q on different tomato germplasm/cultivars under glasshouse condition. Disease severity recorded on tomato germplasm indicated that EC-519795 and Pant bahar were highly susceptible and moderately susceptible to As-P and As-Q respectively. Germplasm Shalimar 2, Palam Pink and Arka Saurabh showed susceptible reaction against As-P while moderately susceptible reaction against As-Q. Disease reaction shown by Roma, Arka Vikas, EC-519770, Palam Pride and Arka Samrat appeared same against both the isolates. Results of glasshouse experiment indicated that A.solani isolate As-P, grown on pearl+CaCO3 under T2 incubation condition appeared more virulence than isolate As-Q, grown on PDA.







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