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  • Satish Kumar Luthra ICAR-Central Potato Research Institute


Kufri Lohit, variety, table potato, red skin, high yield, late blight, keeping quality, North-Indian Plains


ABSTRACT: Kufri Lohit is a red skin, medium maturing, main season, high yielding table potato variety recommended for
cultivation in North-Indian plains (Eastern & Central plains). It can also successfully be grown in northern plains to meet
the seed potato demands of regions that prefer red skin tubers. It is a clonal selection of a cross between Kufri Kanchan
and Kufri Khyati. Its plants are medium tall and vigorous having field resistance to late blight. It produces attractive red
coloured, ovoid tubers with shallow eyes, cream flesh, and mealy texture. This variety possesses approximately 18% tuber
dry matter content and has very good keeping quality. It is responsive to crop nutrition and yields 36–38 t/ha total tuber
yield under optimum crop management.


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Author Biography

  • Satish Kumar Luthra, ICAR-Central Potato Research Institute


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