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  • Satish Kumar Luthra ICAR-Central Potato Research Institute


Kufri Uday, Variety, table potato, early maturity, red skin, high yield, late blight, keeping quality, North Indian Plains


ABSTRACT: Kufri Uday is an early maturing, main season, high yielding table potato variety suitable for cultivation in
North Indian plains (Northern, Central, and Eastern plains). It is a clonal selection from the cross between CIP387521.3 √
Aphrodite. Its plants are medium tall and vigorous with field resistance to late blight. It produces attractive red coloured
ovoid tubers with shallow eyes, yellow flesh, and a mealy texture. The new variety possesses 18-19% tuber dry matter
and very good keeping quality. It is fertilizer responsive and capable of yielding 36–38 t/ha under optimum agronomical


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  • Satish Kumar Luthra, ICAR-Central Potato Research Institute


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