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  • S G Dalvi
  • P P Gudhate
  • P N Tawar
  • D T Prasad


Potato quality seed is supplied through minitubers produced by micropropagation technique. Lowering cost of production without loosing the quality is the major bottleneck in potato micropropagation. Agar is most widely used gelling agent in plant tissue culture. Agar as gelling agent not only limits the growth and cause vitrification of cultures but also adds to the cost of production. Various alternative gelling agents were tried earlier for lowering the production cost in potato micropropagation but hardly any of them was used in large scale micropropagation. In the present study, a successful attempt has been made to find out cotton as low cost plant support matrix in plant tissue culture. In comparison with agar as support matrix, there was an early shoot initiation followed by vigorous growth when cotton is used as a support matrix.
Shoot height, number of nodes and biomass accumulation increased significantly in cotton incorporated cultures. The explant establishment was 97%, with 55% increase in number of internodes followed by 30% increase in shoot height and two-fold increase in dry matter content; increases production efficiency considerably in terms of producing significantly more number of nodes per shoot(4.6 ± 0.23) which results in more number of explants for further subcultures. This ultimately results in increased subculture efficiency. Cotton is very cheap than agar and there is a saving of twenty rupees per litre of media, which had high impact on economics in the cost of production in plant micropropagation. The results put together indicate that cotton can be used as low cost support matrix in potato micropropagation.


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D T Prasad

Vasantdada Sugar Institute, Manjari, Haweli (B.K.) Pune - 412 307, Maharashtra, India.


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Dalvi, S. G., Gudhate, P. P., Tawar, P. N., & Prasad, D. T. (2013). LOW COST SUPPORT MATRIX FOR POTATO MICRO-PROPAGATION. Potato Journal, 38(1). Retrieved from https://epubs.icar.org.in/index.php/PotatoJ/article/view/32446