Protein quality of South African potatoes to inform dietary choices

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  • Carmen Muller University of Pretoria


Quality, nutrition, nitrogen conversion


Protein content was determined using both the nitrogen to protein conversion factor of 6.25 and the summation
of amino acids for four of the potato cultivars (Solanum tuberosum L.) most commonly consumed in South Africa. Protein
content for the cultivars varied between 1.65 g/100 g and 2.14 g/100 g fresh-weight when using protein conversion and
1.64 g/100 g and 2.14 g/100 g when using the sum of amino acids. Significant differences were found between the amino
acid contents of the different cultivars. Leucine had the lowest chemical score of essential amino acids. Protein quality
was evaluated using various methods. Even though the protein content of the cultivars is low, it is of a high quality and
can contribute to overall dietary protein consumption.


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