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Do we value our labour capital? The answer was revealed during the nation-wide lockdown in the wake of COVID 19 threat that inflicted severe hardships on the migrant labours, particularly the inter-state migrants, who have been an integral element of the national economy. These migrant labours are our nation's most valued human capital. There is a need to upgrade the skills and foster in entrepreneurial orientation for better jobs and remuneration. Though some states like Kerala have devised pro-labour welfare measures, which are available to the even migrant labours, by and large the welfare measures for migrants in destination states are distant dreams. Kerala ranked first out of seven states for migrant friendly policies on the Interstate Migrant Policy Index 2019. The index measures whether a state has equitable policies for residents and migrants in terms of labour policies and social welfare measures for health, education, and sanitation. The other states need to take leaf out of Kerala's policy book for being sensitive the migrant labours. United Nations has also advocated for a universal registration of workers on a national platform; establishment of institutional mechanisms for inter-state coordination; skill training, migrant information centers, facilitation of registration of workers by organizing enrollment camps. Non-Government Organizations could play a vital role in strengthening of registration and skill building.

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