Risk Factors for Academic Backwardness: An Intervention Study

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  • Manjula Patil
  • P S Hundekar
  • S S Patil


Academically backward, Familial reasons, Health reasons, Intervention, Mass academic reasons


Academic backwardness in school is not simply an intellectual matter, but that it is a condition where normal school achievement has been prevented by a variety of interacting influences. Therefore, the present study examined the risk factors which are associated with academic backwardness among school children. The sample consisted of 76 academically backward children of both the gender studying in 8th and 9th standards from two villages of Dharwad taluk. A structured checklist developed by AICRP – CD scientists on reasons for academic
backwardness was used to assess the causal factors for academic underachievement. Results revealed that majority of children expressed hard to study some subjects, slow in writing and inability to give answers to all the questions in the exams quoted as academic reasons. In familial factors children perceived that their home environment is not conducive for the study, family income and parent’s occupation disturbing their studies, parents and family members did not contributing much to their studies and lack of expected cooperation from family members. With respect to health problems worry, tension and stress during study, Tiredness due to the long distance of school from home, lack of concentration, headache and restlessness making the child to
underachieve in the school. The intervention was found to be effective in modifying the environment of school, home and also the behavior of students, parents and teachers. Hence reducing the risk factors related to academic, familial and health aspects.






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